03 February 2016

Adnan Aamir Resigns as Editor of Balochistan Point

Adnan Aamir, editor of Balochistan Point has resigned from the online newspaper with effect from February 3, 2015. He ceases to be part of the editorial team of Balochistan Point anymore.

Balochistan Point is currently the only English-language online newspaper from Balochistan. It was established in the year 2010 to highlight news stories which were ignored by mainstream media. Balochistan Point was dormant and not widely know till July 2014 when Adnan Aamir took over as editor of the paper. Today, Balochistan Point has become a well recognized name in and out of Balochistan mainly due to efforts of Adnan Aamir

Adnan Aamir served as the editor of Balochistan Point from July 2014 till February 2016. He resigned from Balochistan Point because he wants to establish his own online newspaper soon.

In his resignation letter Adnan Aamir wrote, “I am thankful to Balochistan Point for providing me the platform which enabled me to be a recognized face in online journalism in Balochistan.” He further wrote that He wants to see Balochistan Point successful in the future.

Balochistan Point also wishes Adnan Aamir best of luck in his future endeavors and lauds his efforts as the editor of the paper in last 19 months.

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