08 February 2014

Pearls of Wisdom

Courtesy: The Baloch Hal

The advent of social media has allowed everyone to express their opinion on important and otherwise ignored issues such as Balochistan. Most of the facts and events that are blacked out in mainstream media are reported in Social media and that has become the only source through which people outside of Balochistan can know the truth about that unfortunate province.

However, there is abundance of certain type of people who have never been to Balochistan and don’t know the name of more than 5 districts of Balochistan, express their opinion against anything which is written to sympathize with Balochistan and its inhabitants. The Pearls of wisdom shared by such people in the social media world are:

The situation in Balochistan would be quite normal if foreign intelligence agencies stop meddling in affairs of Balochistan. Except foreign interference there is no problem in Balochistan whatsoever.

The reason why Balochistan is backwards is the Sardari system which is in place there. It’s the Sardars that don’t allow any development by Federal government, so that people remain backward and subjugated. If it was not for Sardars Balochistan would have been like France today.

There has never been any operation in Balochistan only raids against bandits and goons of Sardars who don’t allow development.
Balochistan is the most beautiful province of Pakistan and that’s why it was chosen for nuclear tests.

In National Finance Commission Award, Balochistan was given more than its share. Natural Gas discovered from Sui is national resource and it’s not fair for Balochistan to claim its ownership.

Gwadar Mega Project will change the lives of people of Balochistan.

Nawab Akbar Bugti committed suicide and its just propaganda that He was killed. Musharraf brought revolutionaries changes to Balochistan.

Aghaz-e-Haqooq Balochistan Package was a milestone by PPP government and Balochistan was given 5000 jobs, which is unbelievable.

The long march for Baloch missing persons is just a drama to grab media attention.

Balochistan is ruled by its own Assembly which comprises of elected members. Elections for Balochistan assembly, especially the last ones were completely fair and free.

The pearls of wisdom never seem to end and they will keep on coming from intelligent people. We are very lucky to have such people enlightening us on the issues of our Province. They surely know more about Balochistan than those who live here. They are doing us a great favor by only bothering to share their million-dollars worth opinion on Balochistan related issues. We will keep on looking for more pearls of wisdom from them.

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