23 January 2014

Defending a Dictator

Courtesy: The Lahore Times

Former dictator, General Retired Pervez Musharraf is facing treason trial. Rather than facing the court, He is staying in Armed forces institute of cardiology. The heart problems faced by Musharraf might be real but after the Medical report released by AFIC there is no reason that Musharraf should remain absent from court proceedings. Apart from that, there is a group of people who is defending Musharraf. They are doing their utmost efforts to prevent the former dictator from facing the law from his crimes. Such people can be found in every type of media and its heart breaking for a common Pakistani to see such people defending a person like Musharraf.

The treason case of Musharraf is a very clear and simple one in which he can’t be defended. There is apparent and ample evidence present to convict dictator Musharraf but some people are baffling the matter. They are demanding to start trial from 12th October 1999 rather than 3rd November 2007. On paper this demand seems logical but actually there is mischief concealed in this demand. If government starts trial form 1999 then the defenders will find another problem with the trial. So, those who are raising voice for starting trial from 1999 actually want to save Musharraf and don’t want trial from that date. That’s not all they also drag Army and its former Chief General Kayani in the matter to save Musharraf. This attitude is despicable and not in interests of Pakistan at any cost.

More disturbing is the fact that many, otherwise respectable, people have also jumped the bandwagon of defending the dictator. People like Ahmad Raza Kasuri and Barrister Saif are long time associates of Musharraf. They have derived benefits from him and now defending him to prove true to their salt. What is not normal is that even Hassan Nisar and Asma Jahangir have started playing the same music as defense team of Musharraf. That’s really disturbing because Asma Jahangir has been an outspoken critic of establishment but now for reasons only known to her, she is defending a former chief of that same establishment. Hassan Nisar is also defending Musharraf and going one more step and totally justifying what Musharraf did in his regime. I personally think that the reason for this conduct of Hassan Nisar is his frustration with present rulers who have failed to deliver.

There are also some anchors that are hell bent on proving Musharraf innocent without a trial. Leading this group of anchors is Rana Mubasher of News One. The shows which he does to defend Musharraf, appear to be sponsored adverts in defense of Musharraf but in reality those are genuine talk shows. Then there are people like Dr. Atta-ur-Rehman who write lengthy Op-eds in newspapers to remind us about what Musharraf did for us. We know very well what He did for us and did to this country. No one can forget that televised address to the nation of Musharraf in which He said:
“People of Pakistan don’t deserve democracy.”

He wanted to say that these people don’t deserve the right to elect their leaders and I will decide what rights they will have.

Most of people who have any sympathy for dictator Musharraf are due to that fact that current government has miserably failed. In fact both PPP and PML-N governments have failed to deliver any positive thing for the public. This has created a strong sense of resentment among public for those parties and anyone who is seen as opposite to them is christened as a hero. The rise of Imran Khan, Popularity of Tahir-ul-Qadri and support for Musharraf can be attributed to that factor. One thing for sure, All the bad governance that took place from 2008 onwards is a gift of Musharraf regime. It was during his regime that foundation was laid for corruption and bad governance. Later on, both PPP and PML-N took both corruption and bad governance to new levels.

There are four groups of people who are supporting Musharraf and each has its own reason for supporting the dictator at a time when He is facing the law. First group is the party members of APML and hired goons who protest and beat-up anti-Musharraf lawyers. Second group are those people who have benefitted from him in some way and now helping the dictator in his critical hour. Third one are those people have resentment against PPP and PML-N. Last one is a group of people who always defend the bad guy because it’s in their nature. Musharraf is un-defendable and no one can defend him in any court of law. By obscuring the matter, some of supporters of Musharraf are trying to defend him but they will fail. Musharraf must face the law; if he is allowed to flee then it will trigger another round of destabilization which the country can’t afford at this juncture. In the interest of Pakistan at large, the trial of Musharraf must be brought to its logical end.

P.S: Politicians should also be tried for all the corruption that they have done.

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