01 August 2013

Trial of War Criminals in Bangladesh

Recently a special tribunal in Bangladesh sentenced Ghulam Azam, former Ameer of Jamaat-e-Islami Bangladesh, to life imprisonment. He was found guilty of committing crimes against people of Bangladesh in liberation war of 1971. Prime minister of Bangladesh sheikh Hasina Wajid has started trials of war criminals of 1971 war after coming to power in 2009. This is internal matter of Bangladesh but unnecessarily facing criticism from some conservative quarters in Pakistani media.

Ghulam Azam was the Ameer of Bangladesh chapter of Jamaat-e-Islami in 1971. During the war He openly sided with the Pakistan army and led the genocide of supporters of liberation. He was also the person behind the notorious Al-Badr and Al-Shahab brigades who were sent to East Pakistan to systematically kill all those persons who favoured liberation of Bangladesh. Unfortunately for Ghulam Azam, Bangladesh did come into being on 16th December 1971. He remained the Ameer of Jamaat-e-Islami till 2000. In 2009 daughter of Sheikh Mujib-ur-Rehman, Sheikh Hasina Wajid came into power with the promise of trying the war criminals of 1971 War. Now She is only making her promises good. All criticisms on this decision by columnists in Pakistan are completely inappropriate and unfair. Foreign Office of Pakistan gave a wise statement about this issue that Its an internal matter of Bangladesh and doesn't concern us.

The creation of Bangladesh was a result of 24 years of oppressions by the ruling elite of West Pakistan. Bengalese were in Majority but still denied their rights through unfair means. In 1970 elections, Awami League belonging from east Pakistan won 160 seats out of 300 seats in National Assembly. It was his right to rule the country but the Military and civilian rulers of West Pakistan never allowed that to happen and started operation Clean-up on 25th march 1971. This military operation culminated into a liberation war and finally Bangladesh was formed on 16th December 1971. People like Ghulam Azam who sided with Pakistan Army have always been considered traitors by people of Bangladesh. East Pakistan seceded from West Pakistan because its due rights were forcefully deprived for quarter of a century. Still many pro-establishment people in Pakistan don't accept this harsh reality and only blame India for fall of Dhaka. India indeed took advantage of the situation created after 24 years of deprivation and denial of rights. Anyone who doesn't endorse this fact is suffering from Truth denying Syndrome.

There are some Urdu columnists in Pakistan who have only job and that's to propagate disinformation and share the distorted history with the new generation. Such columnists are severely criticizing the life imprisonment sentence of Ghulam Azam and demanding Pakistani government to bring this issue up with Bangladesh government  These are the same columnists who tell lies about the term Pakistan Ideology that it existed at the time of partition. In fact Pakistan Ideology was coined during regime of Yahya Khan. Anyhow, these columnists are grossly wrong and they are doing good to no one by defending Ghulam Azam. People Like Ghulam Azam are enemies of humanity and defending them can't be an act of civilized mind.

War crime trials in Bangladesh are a pure internal matter of Bangladesh. All aware and conscious people of Pakistan support steps taken by Bangladesh government to punish their war criminals. These trials must also be a lesson to be learn for other such people who are involved in crimes against their own people. Grievances and deprivation of Bengali people can be summed up by narrating an historic event. When Bangladesh came into being Sheikh Mujib-ur-Rehman was under arrest in West Pakistan. When Bhutto took power, He went to Meet Mujib to tell him about his release. Mujib was completely unaware of all the developments and He asked Bhutto, You have also been arrested like me? Bhutto said No, I am now President of Pakistan. Mujib said that My party won majority seats and I am under arrest and you are the chairman of a Minority Party and you are president? Bhutto had no no answer for this.

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