30 July 2013

Is criticism on Malala Justified?

Malala is an American agent and She is working to defame the righteous Taliban. Malala is a drama and She was not shot and all that followed was a masterly orchestrated drama. The drastic changes in her facial features are not because of bullet that She took in her head but due to world class Make-up.These theories can be heard whenever there is a mention or some sort of praise of Malala in social media. Most of the people who share these views have heard it from someone and that someone from someone else and the chain continues. Let me say one thing about this issue, all of these theories can be true if we are living in some fairy land or hearing stories in Kindergarten otherwise not. Therefore criticism on Malala is not justified at all and those who are doing it are not making full use of their mental faculties.

The name of Malala Yousufzai was heard for the first time in 2009 when she appeared in Capital Talk. Back then she was a 12 year old girl and wanted her school to reopen which was closed after the incursions of Taliban in Swat. She also wrote a diary for BBC with a Pseudonym and due to that She became popular. Later on She was interviewed by many news channels and was invited to many functions in different cities of Pakistan. As the time passed people forget about her and She was just a common girl again until 10th October 2012 when She was shot in the head by terrorist Talibans. Miraculously She survived and thus she became a symbol of women's education and defiance of Taliban. This rose her to the new heights of popularity which no one can imagine. At the age of 16 She has been nominated for Nobel Peace prize and addressed the Global Youth delegates in UN general Assembly building in the presence of UN secretary general Ban-Ki-Moon. These accomplishments are unprecedented for a teenager and all the people of Pakistan should be proud of her, unfortunately that's not the case. Because common sense and rationality are rare commodities in the land of the pure.

Those who criticize Malala are driven by some sort of motivation. Few people criticize her because they are pro-Taliban and Malala speaks against Taliban. Most of people in Pakistan hate America and see Malala as a Pro-American person and therefore don't appreciate her. Few right wing intellectuals and politicians criticize her because She has exposed the brutality of Taliban which are liked by them. Some people criticize her because its their job to do, Zaid Hamid tops the list of such persons. Then there are some people who are simply jealous of her and that drives their critical and hostile attitude towards a 16 year old innocent girl. What Malala has achieved at such a young age others can't even imagine. This leads to jealously and subsequently criticism using the Grapes are Sour model. The reasons for this is that Pakistani society at large is not literate and aware enough to embrace other's success. Lastly, there are a bunch of lunatics who criticize Malala because they don't have anything else to do.

The arguments given by the detractors of Malala against her and in support of her shooters are also irrational because these have been generated by irrational minds. They say that many girls have died in Drone attacks but no one of them got the attention that Malala has got. This argument appeals to an average mind but If a person thinks deeply then he can realize that Malala is not famous because She was shot. She became famous for surviving after being shot. If God-Forbids she had not survived then She wouldn't have been as popular as She is now. Every sensible person condemns the drone attacks and has sympathies with innocent girls being killed in them but that can't be used to attack Malala. Moreover, Malala was already popular due to her diary which she wrote in 2009 and assassination attempt only increased her popularity. Some people justify shooting of Malala by Taliban because innocent people are being killed in drones. There can't be a more ridiculous argument then this. Drone attacks are carried out By CIA not Malala. How can Taliban avenge the killings in Drone attacks by attacking a teenage girl. Still, there are a lot of people who buy these arguments and easily accept them to be true. This only proves the inferiority of the collective intelligence of the masses.

If a Person doesn't want to appreciate Malala then its his right. However a person doesn't have the right to allege baseless allegations against her and declare her a foreign agent. Such people have to open up their eyes and use their minds to think and once they do it (which is near to impossible) then reality will be unveiled before them. The barrage of criticism that Malala is facing in social media and at some places in Mainstream media is not only condemnable but also proves that We as a nation are still living in a state of Denial. We are not prepared to accept the reality if it contradicts our pre-conceived set of Ideas. This attitude will further drag us into the abyss of darkness in which we already have fallen very deep. However the reality remains the same whether someone believes it or not. One can make himself fool by not accepting the reality but can't change it.

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