15 June 2012

CM Punjab: A show Off

Chief Minister(Cm) Punjab, Shehbaz Sharif and self-proclaimed Khadim-e-Aala(Chief Servant) has been doing unique protests. He has setup a camp office in the lawn of Minar-Pakistan in Iqbal Park Lahore in order to protest long hours of electricity failure. He is know to be a good administrator at times but his latest acts have proved him a Show Off.

Shehbaz Sharif is the Cm of Punjab for the second time. Overall he has held this post for six years. He is second-in-command of PML-N, his elder brother Nawaz Sharif being its chief. He is a very strong Cm and enjoys full powers unlike rest of the CMs. He currently holds 15 ministries along with being chief executive of Punjab. He doesn't attend Punjab assembly session regularly and don't convene meeting of his cabinet. Shehbaz Sharif is running a one man show in Punjab in a dictatorial manner.

Cm Shehbaz is a staunch critic of PPP government and President Zardari. He openly claims that He doesn't endorse Zardari as President and vows to drag him in streets in order to hold him accountable. His latest outburst against government is due to load shedding of electricity. He claims that Punjab is suffering more that other provinces. However his rhetoric of protesting against load shedding is political in nature rather than caring for public.

Load Shedding is a very serious problem for Pakistan
due to criminal negligence of successive governments. All the provinces are suffering and its not right that Punjab is suffering more. Actually the population of Punjab comprises of 60 percent of total population of Pakistan. This means that Punjab alone has more electricity demand than rest of three provinces combined. This implies that when there is load shedding then Punjab will suffer more hours of load shedding due to its huge demand. Total demand of electricity in Balochistan is 1230 Megawatt which is equal to the demand of Multan region alone. That's why if 18 hours of daily load shedding takes place in Balochistan then how can be there less load shedding in Punjab. Cm is highlighting the issue of unjustified load shedding in Punjab for political mileage only and in reality his claim is baseless.

CM's camp office in Iqbal Park Lahore will not solve any problem. He already has couple of camp offices and all these are a burden on provincial exchequer. Cm often mixes up with people for the sake of Photo shots. He travels in public buses for few minutes, He once took a ride from a person on his bike. All of this can portray an image of him as a pro-people leader but in reality He has not brought any positive change in the lives of masses. He has spent excessively on cheap bread scheme, building flyovers in Lahore and Danish school system. Laptop Scheme started by him as a part of his Youth Initiative is also criticized for being a political stunt and carries the taints of corruption on it. Load shedding is not the only problem of people of Punjab, most of their problems are based on issues which fall under direct authority of Cm and he has failed to solve those problems.

In a recent national energy conference it was decided that there will be uniform load shedding in entire country. This doesn't mean that if there is four hours load shedding in Quetta, then same will be duration of load shedding in Lahore. Demand of electricity in Quetta makes up just 15 percent of demand of Lahore. So there will be more load shedding in Lahore for obvious reasons. Its senseless to demand same hours of load shedding for all the cities in Pakistan having different demand levels. After 18th Constitutional amendment provinces can also generate electricity, unfortunately CM Shehbaz has wasted funds on other projects and not generated even one Megawatt which exposes his concern for Load shedding and public.

The government of PPP in center
is the most corrupt in the history of Pakistan. They are responsible for corruption of Rs. 8500 Billion in last four years. Its their duty to produce electricity and bring an end to load shedding. Currently installed electrical generation capacity is sufficient to fulfill demand of electricity provided huge funds are paid to power producers. PPP government doesn't have the funds as they have gone in pockets of PPP ministers and sympathizers. Despite Show Off tactics of Cm Shehbaz, PPP can't escape from the blame of long hours of Load Shedding. Shehbaz Sharif should focus on good governance in Punjab and solve the problems related to the provincial departments of Punjab. He is also urged to quit his childish acts and stop being a show off Cm. He will get the right to criticize PPP and hold them responsible for problems once He has brought his house in order.

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