06 May 2012

Lyari operation and the PPP

An operation started in Lyari on 27th April and continued for 8 days and now there is a two day suspension of the operation. This operation is basically against People's Amn Committee (PAC) an armed group, once a staunch supporter of Pakistan People's Party (PPP) and now declared a mafia gang. ironically Police is conducting this operation with the help of PAC rival group, ARSHAD PAPU gang. The discrimination between good and bad gangsters does not make any sense at all. So far 26 poeple have been killed including few policemen and over 150 people have been injured. The total expenditure by police on this operation has reached to 16 million rupees.

Lyari, a suburban area of Karachi, has always been a PPP stronghold. In recent past people of Lyari became Fed-up of PPP's empty promises and showed signs of a political revolt against PPP. This was not acceptable to the leadership of PPP and an operation was started under the command of Chaudhry Aslam, SSP CID. Mr. Aslam has a reputation for serving his political bosses and carrying out extra judicial killings on instructions of political leaders. The aim of this operation is to wipe out PAC which has become Anti-PPP after PPP failed to do any development work in Lyari. PPP wants full control of Lyari and thats why they did not tolerate dissent. This operation for political motives was carried out behind the smokescreen of eleminating Gangsters.

This operation has inflicted a lot of damage on the poor people of Lyari. The food, water and electricity supply was cut-off during the days of operation and electricity supply has not been restored yet. This led to humanitarian problems as people have to live without these necessities for 8 days. Moreover Welfare aid organiztaions such as Edhi trust were not allowed to deliver food to the people of Lyari. This is injustice at its peak and done by the so-called democratic government of PPP. How the people of Lyari have suffered can't be explained in words but through  videos:

Following is a video clip from CNBC program AWAM KE SAMNAY, whose hostess dared to enter Lyari when operation was in full swing:

This is what Uzair Baloch, Chief of PAC had to say about surrendering to police:

This operation is expected to resume from Tomorrow. This operation can simply be termed as how PPP punishes its voters. According to chief of PAC, Uzair baloch, PPP has lost Lyari forever and now PPP can never win any elections from there. In fact people of entire Pakistan are fed up from PPP and they must not vote for PPP in forthcoming elections. PPP has destroyed entire pakistan and Balochistan and this time Lyari in particular. People of Pakistan have to punish PPP by voting against them. If the trend continues and people still voted for PPP due to any reason then the clouds of darkness will continue to shower rain of curse on every mortal soul in pakistan.

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