07 April 2012

Pakistan people’s party’s Four year Rule

Date: 6th April 2012

PTV was telecasting achievements of Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) on 4th April. That day was observed as anniversary of the day when Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto was extra judicially hanged. The achievements seem very impressive for someone who doesn’t follow news on regular basis. The achievements of PPP included restoration of 1973 constitution through 18th amendment, 7th National Finance Commission(NFC) Award, Initiating rights of Balochistan package, extension of Political parties act in FATA, provision of internal autonomy to Gilgit-Baltistan, women’s rights protection and empowerment legislations.

On the death anniversary, Prime Minister (PM) and President both recalled the sacrifices made by their slain leader. They also talked about all the above mentioned achievements of their four year “Golden period.” On 4th April, President’s 24 years old son and chairman of PPP, Bilawal Bhutto also made a fiery speech. He targeted judiciary and PPP’s political rivals, i.e. Sharif’s of Lahore. This offensive can be considered as declaration of war against Judiciary.

No doubt, PPP leaders have made sacrifices in past. Due to those sacrifices PPP has got in power again and again. It’s not possible that PPP gets the lifetime right to rule the country due to those sacrifices. For that they have to deliver and govern well, which they have always failed to do. Achievements mentioned in beginning of this article are worth praising but that’s not all. 18th amendment was bound to happen as it empowered the parliament and removed powers of president. PPP simply did it because they have majority in parliament and they transferred power from their President to their PM, not an unwise decision at all. In future PPP can again have the slot of PM but chances of getting in presidency are relatively thin. Therefore it was a well-thought and pragmatic decision.

Reaching consensus on NFC award was a great achievement. However it was overshadowed by the fact that funds were not released to smaller provinces as agreed in NFC award. Development funds of Balochistan were spent illegally in Multan and Larkana, hometowns of PM and President respectively. This was criminal attitude of PPP ruling elite. Initiating Rights of Balochistan Package also proved to be a failure and triggered criticism from all corners. Missing persons were not released and Para-Military forces were not brought under provincial control, both of these announcements were made in the Balochistan package. Political parties act was extended in FATA but at the same time drones kept on bombing people to death. According to leaked reports of Wikileaks, PPP government had given secret permission to USA for carrying out drone strikes.

PPP government’s four year rule has brought about many difficulties in the lives of common people. Oil prices have jumped up to over hundred Rupees per litre. There has been increase in the prices of oil internationally but increase in Pakistan is many times more than percentage increase internationally. Electricity load shedding has disrupted the day to day lives of everyone. This problem started in Musharraf’s regime but this government has also done nothing to rectify the problem. PPP government started rental power projects which were all outlawed by Supreme Court, few days ago, on charges of massive corruptions. Inflation and unemployment are at all-time high and government is withdrawing subsidies for common people from many sectors and wasting billions of rupees on Benazir income support program. 

Moreover, Law and order situation has deteriorated in entire country. In Musharraf’s era people were only abducted allegedly by secret agencies in Balochistan. Now, people in Balochistan are not only abducted but killed and bodies dumped in daylight. Number of drone attacks has risen sharply during PPP’s rule. The situation in Karachi is volatile always. After peace of few months, target killing starts and dozens of innocent people are brutally killed in different parts of Karachi. Sectarian violence is also out of control. Banned outfits are regularly attacking and killing people of Shia sect especially in Quetta, Dera Ismail Khan and Gilgit-baltistan. PPP’s foreign policy has also failed and no foreign country is willing to lend money to Pakistan, Neither Pakistan has been able to get civil nuclear technology and foreign direct investment.

PPP’s rule since 2008 has destroyed Pakistan. According to Transparency International, 8500 Billion rupees have been wasted in corruption in last four years. Despite all this PPP is determined to continue in same way by denying corruption charges. They only cry about the sacrifices of Bhuttos and let common people suffer in their government. They have never done anything substantially relieving for common people; still they get elected every time due to the feudal culture prevailing in Majority of Punjab and Sindh. As long as this culture is not changed on grass root level, forces like PPP will keep on getting power and destroy the country as they are doing now. We all can hope that someday we will have some revolutionary and real Pro-people leader to lead the country. Honestly speaking, chances of this are very thin.

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