03 February 2012

The Return of Musharraf

Date: 26th January, 2012

Former dictator General (retired) Pervez Musharraf has announced that He will return to Pakistan. First He said He will grace the country with his arrival between 27th and 30th January. Later it was announced that He is not coming and more contradictory announcements came from his party officials. Many people are eagerly waiting his arrival. Most people want him to face the law for the crimes that he committed in his 9 year regime which was for sure darkest period in history of Pakistan.

Musharraf was made Army chief out of turn by Nawaz Sharif on 7th October 1998. A year later, Musharraf toppled Nawaz government and seized power after a bloodless coup. He gave a seven point agenda days after his takeover which were very good. He initiated an aggressive accountability campaign against corrupt politicians. Later, on 10th October 2002, He held general elections. These proved to be the massively rigged elections in history of Pakistan. Ethesham Zameer then head of political wing of Pakistan’s premier Spy agency accepted the rigging allegation off the record.

Musharraf later formed a puppet government comprising of the same corrupt politicians whom he once tried through Nab. Till 2007 he ruled the country and the parliament was just a rubber stamp. He carried out second coup on 3rd November 2007 and put chief justice on house arrest. All news channels were shut down and politicians arrested. Later, in 18th February 2008 elections parties opposing Musharraf won and he was forced to resign on 18th August 2008. He remained in country for some time after resignation but later left Pakistan and did not return after restoration of chief justice Iftikhar Chaudry. In exile he formed his political party All Pakistan Muslim League (AMPL). He is eager to return and few people who have forgotten his past want him back. He is the culprit of entire nation and one must not forget this.

On 31st July 2009, Supreme Court declared the November 3rd emergency illegal and held Musharraf responsible for putting judges on house arrest. Arrest warrants of Musharraf have been issued in Akbar Bugti and Benazir Bhutto murder case. Recently in senate a resolution was accepted by majority members, which demanded that Musharraf should be tried for treason upon returning to Pakistan. So there is a very strong case against him on legal and ethical grounds. He can’t escape punishment if he returns to the country and those in corridors of power are willing to prosecute him. That’s why; Musharraf wants guarantees from King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia that he should not be prosecuted when he returned to Pakistan.

Musharraf destroyed Pakistan. He has confessed about some of his crimes in his autobiography. After declaring 3rd November emergency, He said “Pakistani Nation doesn’t deserve democracy that’s why I have imposed emergency.” His policy on war on terror and secret deals with U.S army for allowing drone attacks has caused much trouble in years after departure. He massacred innocent people in Lal Masjid when the occupants were willing to surrender as telecasted on live TV. He did nothing good to the country. Corruption was at its peak in his government. This trait of Musharraf regime was proudly inherited by Nawaz and Zardari regimes in Central and all provincial governments.

Now Musharraf wants to come back and take part in active politics. His dummy party APML is not even capable of winning a union council election. Recently a group of retired army officers demanded that Musharraf should be allowed to return. They tried to support their ex-boss. Many of these retired officers were part of the crimes committed by Musharraf. Musharraf has expensive property in London and Pakistan and his bank accounts have hundreds of million rupees. His total known wealth is much more than what could he accumulate using his known legal sources of Income.

Musharraf is a villain not a hero for Pakistan. Those who support him are ignorant people and one can only feel sorry for them. What can Musharraf do now which he could not do in his 9 year dictatorial regime. If we want to be a progressive nation then we have to ensure rule of law. That requires people like Musharraf to be condemned and tried for their crimes. So in future no one can dares to suspend constitution of Pakistan twice. Musharraf should return and upon his return his destine should be Gallows of Adiala Prison in Rawalpindi.

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