10 February 2012

Iran under threats of Invasion

Date: 8th February 2012

The relations between Iran and USA have been sour since the Islamic revolution in Iran of 1979 led by Ayatollah Khomeini. Iran before 1979 revolution was the Apple of the Eye of USA but after that became her bitterest enemy in Middle East. On America’s persuasion Saddam Hussain invaded Iran in 1980. That deadly war continued for eight long years and was a big blow to the new regime of Iran but it survived. In 1987 Ayatollah Khomeini covertly revived the nuclear program of Iran which was on freeze after revolution. In 2002 America found out that Iran is working on nuclear technology and since then Nuclear Iran is perceived to be a fatal threat for Israel, America’s blue eyed boy in the region. Recently US Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta revealed that Israel is planning to invade Iran in April this Year.

Since 2002 on American pressure International Atomic energy Agency (IAEA) has been pressing Iran to open its nuclear sites for inspection. America and Israel are blaming that Iran wants to produce Nuclear weapons, whereas Iran rejects this blame and has stated that it wants to produce Nuclear energy for peaceful and civilian purposes. America along with her NATO allies always tries to impose sanctions on Iran through Security Council. So far she has not been able to impose serious sanctions on Iran due to Russia and China who also have veto power. Now America wants to cripple the economy of Iran. America has imposed ban on many Iranian companies and banks before but now she has imposed ban on the Iran’s national oil company. Due to America’s domination in global economy sale of Iranian oil has virtually seized. If any country or company buys oil from Iran then it will also face Ban by America. Only India and Japan and few others are buying Oil from Iran ignoring American ban because it’s in their national interests and they are not intimidated by America.

Now America is showing serious and evil intentions for a military adventure against Iran. The ban on Iranian oil is a part of that plan. America’s new strategy is working quite well in Middle East. After successful fake revolutions in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya and another one in progress in Syria, stage is set to change the regime in Iran. Syria is the only friend of Iran in the region. With the fall of Bashaar-ul-Asad regime in Syria Iran will be surrounded by American stooges. America has already withdrawn its troops from Iraq and now negotiating with Taliban in Qatar to facilitate the withdrawal from Afghanistan as well. This will enable America for a full fledge invasion of Iran. Secretary Panetta’s claims that Israel will invade Iran are baseless as Israel single handedly can not withstand the Iran armed forces. Only an American invasion of Iran can bring a change of Iranian Regime. It’s not possible to bring a Libyan style fake revolution in Iran as people are with the regime of Iran.

If America invaded Iran then Iran will not be an easy opponent like Saddam and Taliban. In fact America will face the toughest resistance in its history and if there is backing of Russia or anyone else Iran can prove another Vietnam for America. American interests in the region will be badly damaged by Iran. American bases in Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain will be under Iranian attack. It’s so sad that all Arab countries excluding Syria are with America. Saudi Arabia has increased its oil production to fill the gap created by ban on Iranian oil despite Iran’s demand that her neighbors should not increase their oil production. Iran has also warned its neighbors that Iran will invade that country whose land is used against Iran by America. So with the passage of time a very serious and dangerous prospect for an Iranian invasion is building. This would be catastrophic for entire region and the hopes for world peace. Another peaceful country is about to fall a victim to the evil agenda of America and her Zionist allies.

The impact of the war will be devastating for Pakistan. Pakistan will stand with America if there is an Iranian Invasion for obvious reasons. Pakistan might not allow its territory to be used against Iran but She will never side herself with her Islamic fellow country Iran. Around 21 percent population of Pakistan is Shia. All Shias will support Iran, as Iran is religiously sacred for them. This can result in deterioration of security situation in Pakistan. This can even result in civil war in Pakistan, God forbids. Pakistan already is self sufficient in having enemies and they will not waste this opportunity to inflict more damage and losses on Pakistan. So the prospective Iranian invasion will have devastating effects on Pakistan. Arabian Peninsula will also not be safe if it’s used by America for invading Iran. It’s so sad that all the Arab rulers are subservient to America. This possible war will not only damage the Arab peninsula economically but it will also destroy the Inter Faith harmony among Muslims if there is any.

At the moment it’s not certain whether such an invasion is possible or not. If there is one, then consequences will be worth not imagining for the entire world. As the fuel prices will sky rocket to new levels and the energy crisis will be more severe after an armed conflict in Gulf. People of entire world will suffer only because of the agenda of Jewish Lobby. Pakistan will be one of the biggest sufferers of this war. So all countries specially the ones in Arabian Peninsula are urged to stop such an invasion from taking place. This is in the inertest of them. In order to please the Americans, countries in Middle East and Pakistan can’t afford to burn their homes. It’s in the interest of entire humanity that the issue of Iran is resolved peacefully. Security Council should also adopt a more rationale approach to this issue rather than being a tool for serving American interests. Less will be the chances of Iranian invasion more will be the hopes of a prosperous and peaceful world. Everyone is urged to play their part and condemn America’s wishes of attacking and destroying Persia.

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