30 January 2012

Who will win the Royal Rumble

Tomorrow is the 25th Annual Royal Rumble. It’s the first pay-per-view event of WWE Calendar. It first took place in 1988. Winner of Royal Rumble gets a shot at WWE championship or World heavy weight championship in Wrestle Mania, which is held in end of March. At Royal Rumble, road to Wrestle Mania begins. All wrestling followers have their pick for the winner of Royal Rumble. In this article I will analyze four individuals who are my favorites to win Royal Rumble tomorrow.

Hacksaw Jim Duggan was the winner of first ever Royal Rumble. Many WWE Hall of famers have firmly established their careers after winning Royal Rumble. Stone Cold has won it thrice and Hulk Hogan and Shawn Michaels have won it twice. Many superstars such as Stone Cold, Shawn Michaels have entered the stardom after winning Royal Rumble. Most of the occasions, the winner of Royal rumble has won the championship at Wrestle Mania. So it has elevated the careers of many WWE superstars to greater heights.

My top four favorites to win the Royal rumble this year are Chris Jericho, Sheamus, Undertaker and Zack Ryder. Jericho being most favorite and Zack Ryder being the least favorite, among these four. This is a very risky and wild guess as of this moment it’s not known whether undertaker or Zack Ryder will participate in Royal Rumble or not. Zack Ryder suffered a broken back last Monday at the hands of Kane. Undertaker has not returned after last wrestle mania. Undertaker is unbeaten at Wrestle mania and that’s why He will for sure be a part of this years wrestle mania as well. Only two months to go, entering and winning the Royal Rumble would be the best way for him to be in the spotlight before Wrestle Mania.

Zack Ryder is receiving a huge and unprecedented push by WWE lately. After his successful Youtube Channel, He is everywhere in WWE. Now that he has lost his U.S championship, He can be brought back in championship hunt. That’s why, I think that Zack Ryder can enter Royal Rumble at suppose number 30, which is the last number. If he wins the match somehow, then he can become a much bigger star and can become champion at wrestle mania. This will provide WWE with a new and popular Main event superstar. That’s why against many odds I have chosen him one of my favorites.

Sheamus has been at a success and popularity run lately. He is now a fan favorite. He was WWE Champion but now he is out of the race for that championship. He has not won the royal rumble before. So this year he can win the Royal rumble and once again can enter the main leagues for championship. His popularity will rise and WWE can have a tough, European and fan favorite champion. This will provide a much wanted boost to his career.

Chris Jericho is my Number One favorite to win Royal rumble this year. He also has not won it before. After his grand return few weeks ago, he has been behaving strangely. His comment this past Monday “World will end on this Sunday” which is the day when Royal Rumble will take place, is meaningful in this regard. Jericho has been in the Major Leagues previously. He is the first ever undisputed champion and multi time world champion. Now after his much anticipated return, he has more chances then anyone to win the royal rumble in my opinion.

My hypothesis can be wrong entirely and none of these four can win but I firmly believe that one of them will. Whoever wins the royal rumble, it’s going to be a great match, which no wrestling fan can afford to miss.

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