28 January 2012

When Snow Falls

Human nature requires change in surroundings and change in weather for its normal functioning. Whenever there is a good change in weather, a unique happiness develops in people. Especially, when it’s raining or snow falling. Happiness will be multifold if rain or snow fall takes place after a long dry spell. This is what has happened with the people of Quetta in the last few days.

Quetta is a very cold place and a very dry one as well. People have to wait long for rainfall. Two decades ago people got to see regular snowfalls in Quetta but thanks to Global warming now it comes once in a blue moon. This current snowfall came after a gap of four years. People of Quetta are luck or were lucky for that matter that they don’t need to go to Murree to enjoy snowfall. They can attain the same enjoyment at the rooftops and lawns of their homes.

The happiness one feels when he or she see snowfall in unexplainable. It’s something which fascinates us and makes us visit down the memory lane our past moments. People collecting snow and making snowballs and hitting each other with them, these are natural temptations a person can’t simply resist. A person might be in an ocean of tensions but when snow falls he forgets everything and begins to enjoy the moment. That’s the beauty of snowfall. Naturally rain and snowfall are fundamental for life on earth. Rain not only irrigates the crops but also raises the level of water beneath the surface of earth. Same is the case with snowfall, when it falls on mountains and melts, it flows in canals and rivers and would be used for irrigation and power generation.

Despite all the benefits and the happiness that rain and snowfall deliver, there are certain people who pray that there should not be rain or snowfall. Who are these people? These are poor people living in houses made of wood and clay whose roofs can’t withstand heavy rainfall or snowfall. They will be rendered homeless by a rainfall or snowfall which is joyful for privileged sections of the society. People, who don’t have cars and travel by foot or on bicycle, also share this belief. The poor sewerage system in our country makes it impossible for them to travel without making dirty their clothes with rain water mixed with sewerage water, dust etc.

If only poverty has to be blamed for not wanting rain or snow then it’s not correct. Rain for that matter affects everyone due to poor electrical distribution networks in cities like Quetta. After a few drops of rain it would be a miracle if there is still no electricity failure. Often people have to wait for the rainfall to end and electrical cables and Pylons to dry before they can have electricity supply restored. In twenty First century, it’s horrible to still have such problems. In short due to the poor functioning of the state apparatus in or country, Rain and Snowfall have become a curse whereas actually these are biggest blessings of Mother Nature.

Happiness attached with snowfall will remain despite all the factors described above. The period of snowfall is quite short so it has to be enjoyed thoroughly. On the other hand we all have to play our individual part for solving the problems caused by poor systems in our country. By putting pressure on our government, forming or joining pressure groups, voting the right people and avoid our acts which make rain and snow a curse. This world is living on hope and so are we all. We can hope that at a one good day in future there will be Snowfall and rich and poor alike will be able to enjoy the shear happiness without any tension whatsoever. We have to be optimistic that we can achieve this goal sometime in near future.

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