31 January 2012

Iranian forces at Fire

Date: 27th January 2012

Yesterday, Iranian border security forces killed six Pakistani citizens in the border area. There are contradicting details about the exact location of this incident. Some claim that it took place inside Pakistani territory whereas Iranian forces as usual claimed that these people had trespassed in Iranian territory. This was not the first incident of its type. Few weeks ago, Iranian forces entered Pakistani territory and killed a person belonging from Mashkel area of Balochistan. Iranian forces personnel were arrested by Pakistani forces. Later they were released by the court when the heirs of the victim pardoned them.

It’s not about couple of incidents but the attitude of Iranian forces and the way, killings of the people of Balochistan, in border area are treated. It’s true that Iranian government is facing terrorist threats in Sestan/Balochistan province. Their claim, that USA is aiding terrorists to enter and carry out sabotage activities in Iran is also valid. This does not give them the right to fire indiscriminately at anyone they suspect to be a terrorist. Innocent people should not be killed in the name of preventing terrorists from entering Iran. Poor inhabitants of the Iranian border area of Balochistan are facing the wrath of Iranian forces and there is no one to prevent them or raise any voice for them.

The people of Gwadar, Panjgur, Turbat, Washuk and Chagai Districts of Balochistan rely heavily on Iran. They earn their livelihood by either working in Iran or by trading or performing labor duties on Border trade points. Most of daily usage stuff in these areas come from Iran and whenever Iran closes the border gates then people face drought like situation. Some of these districts even receive electricity from Iran as National grid of Pakistan doesn’t reach there. Pakistan state is unable to supply daily used stuff to them. That’s why these people can’t be separated from border area. It’s a matter of life and death for them.

Iran has built a wall along its border with Pakistan. It has very strong border security force and mechanism. Despite all this they enter Pakistani territory to hunt down and kill persons which the alleged to be terrorists. There can’t be any sort of Justice in this sort of executions. Most unfortunate is that Pakistani government at diplomatic level doesn’t raise voice against this. One can imagine the reaction of Government if Indian border security forces had killed someone in Punjab or Sindh border area. Media is also silent on this issue. This is completely ignored and only one-Liner news about these incidents is shown on tickers. The vocal social media of Pakistan is not vocal about these sort of atrocities.

No wonder, Iran is our brother Islamic country. Everyone appreciates her stand against imperial regime of America. This doesn’t mean that we turn our eyes away from their unjustified acts of aggression against innocent people, despite what’s the frequency of such events? All humans are equal and killing of any human is wrong. Iranian forces should not enter Pakistani territory under any circumstances. In their territory they should also give these people benefit of doubt and don’t fire indiscriminately on anyone who has crossed border mistakenly. Foreign office and every sort of media should also give the required importance and coverage to these issues. In this way the difficulties of people living in the remote areas of Balochistan can be reduced, which are because Iranian forces are at fire unjustifiably.

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