06 December 2011

End of darkest period in Pakistan

Pervez Musharaf's Period
 From: Approximately 7 PM on 12th October, 1999
 To: 2:03 PM on 18th August, 2008.

Dictator General (retd.) Pervez Musharaf resigned from the office of president of Pakistan at 2.03 Pm on 18th of August, 2008. He gained power on the eve of 12th October, 1999 by means of a coup d, e'tat. His resignation brought an end to the darkest period in Pakistan which buried her deep down in a pit of destruction.

After assuming power he became the chief executive of Pakistan with a handpicked cabinet. This new title made the country more or less like a company being run by a CEO. He remained Chief executive till June 2001, after that he became de facto president of country by forcefully removing then President Rafique tarar. He held a rigged referendum on 30th April 2002 in which he won a land slide victory, thanks to state apparatus. After passing of 17th amendment he took vote of confidence from Parliament in January 2004. He also promised to remove his uniform till December 2004. He soon became defiant to this promise and remained in uniform for three more years. He once again got himself elected in a bogus presidential on 6th of October, 2007. At the time of presidential election one month of life of Electoral College I.e. national and provincial assembly and senate, was remaining. He imposed second martial law in the name of emergency on 3rd November 2007 and sacked dozens of judges led by Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudry.

He removed his uniform on 28th November and took oath as a civilian President on the following day. After general elections of 18th February he didn't resign as per his promise that he will resign when he lost support. Consequently, on 7th of august the ruling coalition decided to impeach him as a president. Being fearful of impeachment he resigned on 18th august 2008. It was a result of deal between him and the ruling coalition and this deal was guaranteed by U.S, Saudi Arabia and others. His resignation marked the end of almost 9 years of black and tyrannical period in the land of pure.

He virtually destroyed Pakistan by every means. His autobiography "In the line of fire" is unintentional confession of all his crimes. Charge sheet against him is too long to discuss. Salient features of his charge sheet are namely; he sold Pakistan to U.S for his power, Rigging and manipulating elections of 2002, destruction of economy, Lal Masjid massacre, political victimization of those who defied him, Murder of Nawab Akbar khan Bugti, operation against people of Balochistan and Fata, Weakening the federation, negligence in giving security to Benazir Bhutto and a lot of other criminal acts.

His departure is a hope of survival for troubled people of Pakistan.  He illegally occupied army chief house till May 2009, 18th months after his stepping down as army chief. Now he has a luxurious farm house in Chak Shehzad near Islamabad. He also bought a flat on an expensive area in London. In Pakistan he is protected by SSG. The biggest culprit of the nation moves in country with VIP security as he is a national hero. if he had been tried in the future no army officer would have dared to commit Coup d’├ętat again. Today some of his loyalists defend him because they enjoyed power and privileges during his regime; it’s their way of thanking him and hinting future traitors of nation that their support is available for purchase in future. A hard hitting journalist, who sold his journalism for a ministry in Caretaker Punjab government before general elections of 2008, now interviews Musharaf and presents him as a national hero. That journalist should be held accountable for his actions just like all the "for-sale Loyalists" of the dictator. All Pakistanis should pray to Allah that in future a curse like Musharaf is not descended upon them. (Ameen)

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