06 December 2011

Israeli Aggression in Lebanon

About 3 weeks ago 2 Israeli soldiers were captured by Hezbollah militants. Making it an excuse the terrorist Israelis waged war against the poor and innocent Lebanese people, according to the latest official sources the Zionist troops have so far Martyred about 1000 Lebanese citizens for no reason. 
Whatever Zionists have done so far, their puppet supporter United States, have named this massacre a war against terrorism and the response from the leaders of Islamic world as usual has been cold. They have supported their Lebanese brethren only to extent of condemnations of this shameful act.

I think whatever is happening is definitely wrong and what the Hezbollah militants are doing is truly justified. Its not very good for Islamic Ummah to let their brethren being crushed by Zionist terrorists, who have started a crusade against Muslims. due to their influence in America Jews are able to do whatever they want to do against their enemies.

 As far as the Islamic countries are concerned they are a bit helpful but why are the other so called peace keepers of the world apart from U.S are quiet on this situation. United Nations can't even defend their own workers against the Israeli aggression, how will they stop Israel from the massacre of Muslims. Hezbollah who has been labeled by U.S as terrorist , at the moment they are defending the entire Islamic community and not a single country out of 57 Islamic states of world are ready to help them strategically and by providing them military support.

Let's discuss each country in detail. I would like to start from my own country Pakistan. Since the army take over in 1999 and mostly after 9 /11, Pakistan has been a great supporter of U.S in war against terrorism but She has got reward in the form of criticism for not stopping cross border infiltration, Helping Kashmiri terrorists. Pakistan can't use its little influence on U.S to stop the Zionist aggression against poor Lebanese, the leaders only support them to the extent of condemning the attacks and by only giving statements.

Discussing other members of "OIC"; All the members are entirely in control of U.S except few countries like Iran. Now when U.S totally controls these countries then how one can expect them to go against American interests by strategically supporting Hezbollah.

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