02 December 2011

The Condemned Reaction

Date: 31st July 2011

General Zia-ul-Haq was the most brutal dictator in the history of Pakistan. He took control of the country through a coup d’etat on 5th July 1977 by ousting Bhutto government. In 1979 an Islamic revolution came in Iran under the leadership of Imam Khomeini. The new Iranian regime had showed its intention to spread the revolution outside the borders of Iran. Pakistan shares its borders with Iran and thus it became a threat to Zia’s government. In order to deal with this threat Zia-ul-Haq started sectarian violence in country.

General Zia-ul-Haq created sectarian outfits that would target influential Shias in Pakistan. In retaliation Shia terrorist outfits aided by Iran were also formed which targeted Sunnis. This tragic chapter started in 1980 and reached its climax in late 1990’s. In the beginning of 21st century this violence was controlled in the most parts of Pakistan. Today, Quetta is the most vulnerable place for sectarian violence. Hazara ethnic community living in Quetta belonging from Shia sect is obvious victims of sectarian violence. Shia pilgrims going to Iran en route Quetta belonging from all parts of country also fall victim to this brutality.

Sectarian violence started against Hazara community from 2003. This violence has inflicted loss of many precious lives on them. Most notable acts of violence against them include suicide attack on Al-Quds Day Rally, suicide attack on Ashora procession and firing and bombing Ashora processions. Lately sectarian terrorists have changed their modus operandi, now they have started indiscriminate target killing of common Hazara civilians. No doubt that these killings are condemnable. Killing of an individual is just like killing entire human race. Everyone sympathies with Hazara people and urge government to counter this sectarian violence.

After such incidents of terrorism, angry Hazara people burn vehicles and shops and
indiscriminately fire on civilians. These are indeed condemned reactions and there can’t be any justification for them. Couple of years back, a suicide bomber killed more than sixty Hazaras in Al-Quds day rally on Mezan chowk Quetta. In reaction Hazaras allegedly started indiscriminate firing which resulted in murder of more than ten people. Similarly few days back a Suzuki van of Hazaras was targeted with gunfire on Spini road Quetta, resulting in loss of lives of 11 innocent Hazara civilians. Again in reaction they gathered at BMC Hospital. In a senseless manner they set ablaze cars and bikes parked in parking lot and also torched a small restaurant. That was not enough; they stopped and burnt few vehicles passing outside BMC hospital on brewery road.

Innocent people lost their lives as a result of firing after Al-Quds day rally and lately after Spini road incident vehicles and property was burnt for no reason. Innocent people lost their lives and valuable property due to the condemned reaction. This reaction is not attributable to Hazaras only, others also carryout such insane reactions but lately Hazaras have been doing this. No doubt that innocent Hazaras are being killed but it doesn’t give them the right to play with the lives and properties of those who have nothing to do with the sectarian violence. The government of Balochistan should take steps counter sectarian violence and prevent any further condemned reaction from taking place.