03 May 2015

Balochistan Government Should Serve The Public Not Land Mafia

Transporters in Quetta city are on strike since 20th April. For more than two weeks, passengers that want to travel to Quetta from interior Balochistan are facing a great deal of misery. Reason for this strike is that Balochistan government is hell bent on shifting all bus stands to Hazar Gunji, a suburb located 32 KM out of Quetta city. The indifference of Balochistan government to the suffering of common people has even forced people to ask whether Dr. Malik is there enemy number one?

01 May 2015

Calling CPEC, China-Punjab Economic Corridor is not a mistake

Courtesy: The Nation

Last week, I wrote an article which presented a case about Punjab being the biggest beneficiary of China-Pak Economic Corridor (CPEC) at the expense of smaller provinces. Amar Jajja wrote a rebuttal and termed my genuine criticism as anti-Punjabi slur. Just like any criticism on Muslims is termed as Islamophobia, similarly, any genuine criticism on Punjab is quickly labeled as Anti-Punjabi slur. The said article has cherry-picked some of points in my article and twisted them to present a case against my stance. First I would respond to the incorrect points raised in that rebuttal and then further elaborate why CPEC is indeed China-Punjab Economic Corridor.

27 April 2015

Unemployment in Balochistan

Courtesy: The News

On April 12, recruitment tests for vacancies in the education department of Balochistan started. These tests are being conducted by the National Testing Service in all districts of Balochistan. According to Saleem Kurd, coordinator of the NTS in Balochistan, over 100,000 people have applied for 4,200 vacancies in the education department. All these vacancies are for small-scale jobs of BPS-14 and below. This large number of applicants highlights the issue of unemployment in Balochistan.

26 April 2015

How a Bus Stop Row is Crippling Public Transport in Balochistan's Capital

Courtesy: Global Voices

Dr. Malik Baloch is the Chief Minister of Balochistan, Pakistan's largest, least populated and poorest province. Baloch's recent decision to move all bus stops in the city of Quetta to Hazar Gunji, a suburb about 30 kilometers (almost 20 miles) away, has enraged many people and prompted drivers to boycott public transit.

24 April 2015

China-Punjab Economic Corridor

Courtesy: The Nation

Last time I checked Pakistan was a federation of four provinces. However, the current federal government of Pakistan apparently only considers Punjab to be Pakistan. When the incumbent federal government came into power it was called a Punjab-centric government from the outset. The 51 agreements signed between China and Pakistan, or more accurately Punjab, have proved beyond any doubt that the PML-N government is in power to serve Punjab only. Therefore it would be fitting for China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) to be renamed as China-Punjab Economic Corridor.