15 March 2014

Shrinking Space for Women in Politics

Courtesy: ViewPoint Online

The political space of Pakistan has taken turns for the worst over the years. There is an ever increasing influence of Islamists who sell religion to gain power. Increase in their influence means that liberal and progressive elements are losing power, if they ever had any. Political scene is dominated by right wingers, be it mainstream parties like PML-N, PTI or religious parties such as JI and JUI-f. As a result the militancy has surged in Pakistan whereas plurality is taking a steep decline. One of the hallmarks of right wing dominated political systems is always a misogynistic attitude. Same is the case in current political setup of Pakistan where the space is shrinking for the women. 

08 March 2014

Government’s Anti-Balochistan Policies

Courtesy: The Baloch Hal

The Dr. Malik-led coalition government comprising of the National Party (NP), PashtunKhwaMAP (PKMAP) and Pakistan Muslim League –Nawaz (PML-N) has failed miserably. They have even crossed the limits of failure of Nawab Raisani government in terms of governance. Now, people of the restive province have lost hope in the government. It will not be unfair to say that the policies of current government of Balochistan are anti-Balochistan. Let’s see how.

27 February 2014

Rebuttal to Hassan Nisar

Courtesy: The Baloch Hal

In Pakistan, history is often distorted in textbooks and many intellectuals do the same to prove their arguments. Hassan Nisar is no exception. In Pakistani media, he is the most vocal person who laments this practice and often gives lengthy lectures on talk shows that there is no such thing as Muslim Ummah and Islam has been hijacked by mullahs and so on. Unfortunately, when it comes to Balochistan, he did the same for which he vehemently criticizes others – i.e. distortion of facts. He wrote a column in a leading Urdu daily of Pakistan that was more like a propaganda handout than a column by an independent and respected mainstream columnist of Pakistan.

24 February 2014

The Man Who Failed Himself

Courtesy: The Lahore Times

He was a legendary cricketer, a successful philanthropist and one of the most famous celebrities in the country. He entered politics and could not repeat his success of other walks of life in thorny world of politics. Now, He has become a person who wants power at any costs, He propagates a false narrative about Terrorism in the country, He has become a collection of contradictions in his personality. He is Imran Khan and he is the man who has failed himself.

20 February 2014

Political Administrators: A review

Political Administrators is the title of book authored by Late Aminullah Chaudhry in 2011. This book sums up the story of Civil Service of Pakistan, from British Raj days to modern day Pakistan. Aminullah Chaudhry was born in 1944; He was inducted in Civil Service of Pakistan (CSP) in 1967. Throughout his career, He served at many posts ranging from Deputy Commissioner Shiekhupura, Commissioner Lahore division, Finance Secretary of Punjab, Principal Secretary to caretaker Prime Minister Mairaj Khalid and Director General of Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). He was the head of CAA on 12th October 1999, when the plane carrying General Pervez Musharraf was prevented from Landing in Karachi. Aminullah Chaudhry was also nominated in Plane Hijacking case but he was later acquitted by the court.