17 November 2014

The Roots of Corruption in Pakistani Politics

Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) is one of the oldest and most prominent political parties in Pakistan’s 67 year.

PPP was formed by Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto on Nov. 30, 1967. The first general elections in Pakistan were held in 1970, 23 years after independence. PPP emerged as the leading party in the western wing of Pakistan, by using the slogan of Roti, Kapraor Makan (Bread, Clothing and Shelter).

Since then PPP has come in power many times and presently it runs the government of Sindh, Pakistan’s second largest province. An objective and unbiased analysis of the Party would suggest that PPP is the torch bearer of corruption and bad governance in Pakistan.

26 October 2014

All is Well in Balochistan

Courtesy: The Balochistan Point

All is well in Balochistan if we believe the regular statements issued by Chief Minister of Balochistan, Dr. Abdul Malik Baloch. The situation on the ground, however, is totally opposite. Yesterday three terrorism incidents took place in Quetta city. In first incident 8 innocent and poor vegetable vendors belonging from Hazara community were gunned down due to their faith. Second incident targeted a convoy of security forces and the third one was a direct but unsuccessful assassination attempt on Molana Fazal ur Rehman, one of the most influential national leaders of Pakistan. This proves that all is not well in Balochistan.

02 October 2014

Book Review: Journey of Freedom

Courtesy: The Balochistan Point

Azadi Ka Safar (Journey of Freedom) is the latest book written by Abdul Rahim Zafar. This book consists of 216 pages and it has been published by Balucea publications in Quetta. As the title hints, the book is based on the author’s journey to Iraq to participate in Freedom movement of Iranian Balochistan.

20 September 2014

Double standards of CM Balochistan

Courtesy: The Balochistan Point

Dr. Abdul Malik Baloch, Chief Minister (CM) of Balochistan visited flood hit areas in Multan on 17th September. He was greeted by his counterpart in Punjab, Shehbaz Sharif. At the occasion Dr. Malik gave a cheque of Rs. 100 million and 3 truckloads as aid for the flood victims of Punjab. Helping anyone at the time of crisis is a noble thing to do but in this case it reflects double standards and apathy of CM Balochistan towards his own people.

16 September 2014

Self-Inflicted Idiocy: Rebuttal to a Blog about Balochistan

Courtesy: Laaltain Magazine 

This is a rebuttal to “Balochistan: Self-inflicted misery?” published in Express Tribune blogs on 12th September 2014. The aforementioned blog is one of the most baseless and misleading articles ever written about Balochistan and therefore I feel compelled to write a rebuttal to set the record straight. I can’t fathom how the said blog passed through the editorial checks before being published. The author of the Article “Israa Shah” has visited Quetta and Ziarat and based on her experiences of a few picnics, she has manufactured an utterly flawed and ludicrous argument.